Introducing Divorce Safari


Join 6 Characters on a Sarafri to wholeness.

Grateful Giraffe, Helpful Hippo, Loving Lion, Eager Elephant, Merry Monkey and Restful Rhino invite children to join them on a journey to wholeness. As animals that all come from broken homes it has been a wild time for them emotionally.


Using their Safari Passport, children will move through various destinations, facing questions that will get them thinking and while having fun they will share their hurt. They will learn from their Safari Character as they walk with them and together everyone can reach a new destination as we take it day by day, moving by choice towards wholeness!


Divorce Safari

Sports people will agree that coaching makes a huge difference and that it equips you with skills you may not have considered possible.

Our programme looks at a similar approach. Life Coaching children through the many challenges associated with broken homes, sees them equipped with skills, that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Their toolbox gets a "makeover" as some tools fall out and new ones take their place.

The programme was developed to be an analytical tool to aid facilitators in highlighting possible problem areas and then introducting methods of appropriately dealing with these.

The Ultimate Divorce Safari

Using a 'life size" floor game board.


We join our Safari Friends and visit different destinations that will see us facing different challenges the game poses.

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About Us


A word from the Developer / Founder :

I have worked professionally with children from different races, cultures, religions and financial statuses for half my life and have seen many a thing. I believe in networking with like-minded people who are willing to make a difference by being different !

Children and families alike depend on you out there. By applying the principles and ideas of this programme, combined with your talents, training and uniqueness, you will create an explosive programme that will see little lives changed and families getting on their feet once more !

I have walked the painful road of divorce and attended a programme that made a real difference to me. I went on to lecture, train, head up and re-develop the programme. I worked for years with broken adults and one day had a lightbulb moment. “What was being done for the children ?!” .... Not much !!

So a programme was born! I have seen the programme influence little lives and change perceptions, allowing them to understand the truth and the process. This programme is based on my Adult programme
but specifically redeveloped for the child, bringing things to their level.

My divorce rests in the dust of my past, but my present and future are filled with the hope that my pain has birthed a programme that will help others deal with their pain and move them on to “Things Brand New !”

Here’s to rebuilding a nation one child at a time,
Craig Hunt

(Founder and Developer)

About the programme

View a short video clip about the programme :

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A Life Coaching program that assists children (4-11yrs) in working through the challenges they face as a result of being part of a broken or divorced family. Divorce Safari (TM) is professional yet fun and over the past decade I have seen many a child move on to a far better place. It's about helping children understand the process and assists in equipping them with tools that they can carry with them for life.

More about the programme

  • It's fun, informative and interactive.
  • It'is played in groups (we see others challenges).
  • Complexed issues are dealt with in easy terms.
  • Tools are given that can be used for a lifetime.
  • We work with parents to help deal with challenges.
  • It's a holistic approach but taken little by little.


We have 3 products that aim at assisting you in working with children from broken families.


Activity Book / Manual

This has been specifically designed to be used in a group counseling / therapy environment and forges amazing results as children with similar issues work through the processes together. Everything you need comes to you on a CDRom unit (activity book, facilitators manual, flyers, bizcards ...) This enables you to produce the activity books on demand as and when you need them. You can also use different lessons on other case scenarios you may be facing (eg. loss / grief are experienced in other trauma's children may be facing). There are 6 characters per group and each child chooses a character for that session. Making use of play therapy principles children can live out tough experiences through their character. Everything is geared around fun activities and games that get kids sharing with greater ease. **NOW IN AFRIKAANS**

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Divorce Safari Board Game

Using the same material the board game sets everything out in a "game style". Each player chooses a character token and have to answer questions at each destination. They then get to place a piece of their character puzzle down. The idea is to complete their puzzle by the time they reach the end or they have to begin again. While they are having fun the facilitator (parent / teacher / counselor) collects important information about whats going on in their lives, about the challenges they are facing. As a parent this can help you to address issues carefully by talking about the issues at a later stage referring back to the game. (The Board Game is best used as an analytical tool and in conjunction with the Group programme that focuses on dealing with the issues faced.)

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Divorce Safari Ultimate Floor Game

The product is neatly packaged and can be rolled up for easy storage. The floor mat is 3.5m x 2.5m in size allowing children to really experience the safari as they become the playing pieces and so get really involved in the whole game process. Its great for younger children but adults would discover a thing or two about themselves. Each child gets a character badge and a Divorce Safari Passport. Each time they land on a destination they can get rid of that card by answering a question. The idea being that they try to get rid of as many cards as possible. There is then a time of group reflection and the children then get an activity to complete at home. Our ultimate goal is wholeness for each child and Divorce Safari Ultimate is the tool you can use to help get them there !! The package comes with all you need to run your group. The Divorce Safari Ultimate is best suited for those that have the space to run the programme using this game. Those that would really benefit from this product are schools, churches and those wishing to run this as a small business project offering the service to schools, churches or their local community. The game however can be transported when rolled up and has been tested, for fit, using a FIAT Uno with the back seats down its a snub fit. As the complexities of divorce wash over the children, their emotions may vary so playing this game over and over works well at allowing them to express what may be happening on the inside. I wish to remind us of the following : "play is how young children communicate and toys are the words they use!"

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Support / Samples / Articles for Download

1 on 1 Support via WhatsApp!

Private 1 on 1 Support for Families facing various Life Challenges regarding Separation, Divorce or Blended Families. Using technology we can offer, private, confidential support, being right at your side to walk you through what you may be facing.With a Skilled Family Coach on the other end you can feel confident help is just a text away !

Our Number is :

0609752281 (+27 609752281)

There is no need to tackle things alone !

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Divorce Coaching / Mediation

Please Visit The Institute for Family Skills (click image) to find out more about Life Coaching for Families and Individuals. We also do Divorce Mediation and assist families through the process and beyond.

Divorce Coaching / Mediation ...

Divorce Coaching / Mediation with a focus on the Kids!

Divorce does not just carry an emotional cost for all those concerned, it carries, a sometimes, massive financial cost. Finances are strained during and after a divorce and the process can take money out of your pocket that could have been there for your kids. Legal fees can run high, so it makes really good sense to have an objective outsider assist in mediating the process. I look at coaching you through the process, offering guidelines, strategies and a deflection board that will assist in pulling things together. All of this happening with a very important eye focused on the well-being of the children during all the 'adult' emotions. Having walked the walk sets you at ease with someone who has been there. Contact me and lets work through things together. Your first session in free ! (T&C's apply).

Click on a Sample / Article to find out more ...

1) Bake a Cake - helping children deal with the guilt that the divorce was their fault (expel the myth). This is a PC Based interactive EBook for kids.


2) Product a Music CD Activity - help children say things without using words to convey the message.


3) Children of Divorce Mini EBook - information on the impact of divorce on children of various ages.



4) Article on Divorce Safari published by Joy Magazine


As kids see divorce

5) Watch a video clip of "A child's view of divorce"


Contact Information

Please email with any questions, to book a training session or for further information.

Our time together is not about pointing fingers or about who is to blame. It is rather about identifying problem areas, finding solutions, creating a plan and setting strategies in place that will stimulate change. It's doing the "now" to make the "then" a whole lot better.

Please email with any questions, to book a training session or for further information.